My Favorite Set

My Favorite Set

Pick & Roll Slip into Hand Off

A set designed to create a scoring opportunity off a dribble hand off for Kyle Korver.

Push Pick & Roll

Pick & Roll action in flow or early offense.

Post Double

Mike Budenholzer go to After Time Out Set.

21 Series (Early Offense)

21/Pistol action from Mike D’Antoni Phoenix Suns.

One (Quick Pindown)

The most lethal set the Hawks run for Kyle Korver, simple pindown action.

Iverson Series

Sets out of the Iverson cut action.

Horns Series

Sets out of the Horns formation.

Hawk Series

Sets out of the Hawk screen action.


The inverted pindown action that the Hawks use to counter defenses with their shooting bigs.

Rub 5

Pick & Roll set.

Drag (Early Offense)

Early Pick & Roll in transition

Double Drag (Early Offense)

Early Doule Pick & Roll in transition

21 Big/Step

Wing Pick & Roll from big who empties post

Stagger Ballscreen

Double Pick & Roll


Baseline out of Bounds Set


Sideline out of Bounds (Spurs Action)

SLOB (Knicks)

Great action out of Sideline out of Bounds

Kyle Korver Shooting Actions

Video breaking down actions for Kyle Korver