Complete playbook from the Spanish National Team from both the 2016 Olympics & 2017 Eurobasket tournaments. Spain runs extremely creative sets, complex action before the initial action as well as great Horns Sets. In this playbook you will find all of the sets, baseline and sideline out of bounds as well as early offense that allowed Spain great success in these tournaments. In this breakdown you will find:

  • Video Playbook (48 Minutes)
  • PDF Playbook (110 Sets)

Playbook Breakdown

  • Early Offense (6 Sets)
  • Half Court Sets (48 Sets)
  • After Time Out (10 Sets)
  • Horns Sets (20 Sets)
  • Baseline out of Bounds (13 Sets)
  • Sideline out of Bounds (10 Sets)
  • End of Game (3 Sets)