Here is a really good look at how the Indiana Pacers created an early advantage, and then maintained that advantage throughout the possession. One of the things I love about the Pacers is how they play basketball with just looking to consistently keep pressure on the defense with simple concepts.

“Early Seal”
Here we can see how the initial advantage was created by Sabonis who sprinted the floor and sealed low in the post early in the offense.
“Defense Collapses”
After Sabonis looks to attack the basket, all of the Thunder collapse into the paint and either look to help or are recovering back on defense.
The Pacers got an “And 1” bucket by going all the way back to Sabonis after maintaining the advantage and attacking Steven Adams on a closeout and getting the ball back into the paint.
More examples of Advantage & Ball Movement


I am going to try and find more examples of this the rest of the season, if you guys notice any please let me know!!
-Coach Pyper