The Brooklyn Nets beat the Charlotte Hornets behind DeAngelo Russel’s 40 point game, including scoring the last 12 points. We will look at my favorite sets and lessons from this game, with the video and the diagram breakdown.

Charlotte Hornets “Chin Screen the Screener”

The Hornets run this Chin action often as a basic ballscreen set for Kemba Walker and Tony Parker. Setting up with a pindown for the guard who will come off the ballscreen, the point guard passes to him on the wing. After the pass the big at the elbow will set a backscreen for the point guard, then chase into a ballscreen for the guard on the wing. As the ballscreen happens the point guard will then set a cross screen for the opposite block and then come off a downscreen toward the top of the key.

Charlotte Hornets “Horns Twist”

Perhaps the most common set in the NBA, this is a set out of the Horns formation that is a designed ballscreen set. The point guard comes off the first big at the elbow who sets a ballscreen then clears opposite, sometimes with a flare screen. Opposite of this ballscreen the big chases into a ballscreen for the point guard and rolls to the rim, creating “Shale” or “Single Tag” action.

Charlotte Hornets Rim Run – Draws 2

One of the simplest things in basketball to do is to sprint. Most players and teams don’t do it enough especially at the NBA level, but here we can see how this can impact the game. Cody Zeller sprints down the middle of the floor to the opposite basket and doing this draws in DeAngelo Rusell, leaving Batum open on the wing for a shot.

Brooklyn Nets Opening Set “Leak”

Opening up the game with this “Leak” set, designed to get Joe Harris an open shot. The set starts off with a pindown for Lavert to catch the ball at the top of the key then Joe Harris and Graham set a double flare screen for DeAngelo Russell. As the double flare screen occurs, Joe Harris sprints and leaks out to run off an opposite screen from Jarrett Allen for a shot. Great design after time out from Kenny Atkinson.

Brooklyn Nets “Fist Up Split Knicks”

Another great after time out from Atkinson, this is a common action they run after a time out with a little wrinkle. The set starts off normally with a ballscreen slip and a pass from the point guard to the big who pops. After the pass to the big, the big goes into a dribble hand off on the wing and then normally a pass back to the point guard for a ballscreen. In this set Russell will set and slip a pindown screen for Napier who then catches it for a step up screen.

Brooklyn Nets “Virginia Clear”

This action is straight out of the Mover Blocker playbook – hence the name Virginia in the title. After a down screen the guard will continue opposite off a flare screen toward the basket looking for a lob or layup, with an opposite pindown. If no option is open, it flows into a high ballscreen.

I hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown, I will have more to come!

-Coach Pyper

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