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Atlanta Hawks Triple Ballscreen

One of my favorite sets from this year comes from the Atlanta Hawks. It is creative, however it is not a new set by any means. I first saw this from 6 years ago when Mike Prada broke down this play in this great article. The play is not complex, but difficult to guard. When […]


2019 NCAA Tournament Best Sets

The 2019 NCAA Tournament was one of the most memorable tournaments, with Virginia capturing the title after being the first one seed to lose to a 16 seed the year before.  It is only fair that Virginia has my favorite set from the tournament with their elevator decoy set that was so impressive. In this […]

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Indiana Pacers | Maintaining the Advantage | Member Breakdown

Here is a really good look at how the Indiana Pacers created an early advantage, and then maintained that advantage throughout the possession. One of the things I love about the Pacers is how they play basketball with just looking to consistently keep pressure on the defense with simple concepts.

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Breakdown: Duke vs Virginia Preview

Duke and Virginia square off again this Saturday, and the matchup is bigger than ever. Arguably the ACC regular season championship game, with Virginia’s lone loss coming at the hands of the Blue Devils. I broke down 3 main things for both Duke and Virginia with sets and schemes they had in the last matchup. […]