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Breakdown: Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics

    The Bucks and Celtics faced off after the All Star break, and the game was a great example of how defense can remain even though both teams were pretty rusty. I really likes what the Bucks tried to do against Kyrie and Horford, but the Celtics defense vs Giannis really stood out to […]

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Michigan State Primary & Secondary Break

Michigan State is one of the best teams in the country when it comes to transition offense. The force they attack with is amazing and constantly puts immediate pressure on the defense whether off a make or a miss. In this breakdown we will look at all of the options out of their primary break […]

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Breakdown: Duke vs Virginia Preview

Duke and Virginia square off again this Saturday, and the matchup is bigger than ever. Arguably the ACC regular season championship game, with Virginia’s lone loss coming at the hands of the Blue Devils. I broke down 3 main things for both Duke and Virginia with sets and schemes they had in the last matchup. […]

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Tennessee Motion Offense

Rick Barnes has been running Bob Mckilop's motion offense from Davidson for the last few years. When I first noticed them running it, my first inclination was to be skeptical about how effective it could be at the highest level. Tennesse runs it extremely well and it is obvious that Rick Barnes teaches his players very […]

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Breakdown: Kansas vs Kentucky

Kentucky took down Kansas through their length and size, and Kansas tried everything to stop them – including a Triangle & 2 defense. Kentucky does not run anything fancy, but it is very effective and impactful for the personnel Calipari has on a year to year basis. Bill Self has better X’s & O’s in […]

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Nebraska Wesleyan Point Series (Princeton Offense)


Nebraska Wesleyan won the 2018 Divison 3 National Championship last year and are off to a hot start to this season. I want to give credit to Jordan Sperber (Twitter Bio) who did a fantastic breakdown on the Princeton Offense and how it fits with today's modern basketball. He talked about how Nebraska Wesleyan runs a portion of the Princeton Offense - the "Point Series," which involves some basic action into an elbow touch that triggers different reads. I went into a deep dive into how Nebraska Wesleyan runs their Point Series, and it is one of the best series I have come across this year. In this breakdown we will look at all of the options and reads in their Point Series as well as some counters they run for quick hitters to allow easier scores. In total we will look at the 10 main options as well as 5 counters that Nebraska Wesleyan has run this year, starting with their basic action to trigger their reads.

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