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Our goal at The Basketball Playbook is to get better. Coaches, Players, & Fans alike – just get better. Coach Pyper runs Half Court Hoops Twitter/YouTube X’s & O’s sites that are dedicated to the finer details of how teams execute and run both offense and defenses. His membership program is designed to improve coaches IQ & knowledge for a low cost. With Playbooks, Clinics, Skill Development and specific breakdowns there is nothing you will not find on this site.

Learn Basketball X’s & O’s!

Today I am so excited to share a brand new course on learning NBA X’s & O’s from the ground up and the best part is I have joined forces with Ben Falk from Cleaning the Glass. If you have watched any of my NBA Film Rooms you know I reference CTG stats in every breakdown and we started this project 2 years ago to develop a course to help everyone learn how to watch, analyze & edit film.

Check out https://www.learn-basketball.com/courses/xsandos for more information!

Sets, Skill Development & Playbooks

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