Studying Mike Malone’s Playbook it is not hard to understand why the Nuggets made the decision to make him their next head coach. His offense looks to attack early in the possession and he utilizes his player’s strengths very well. He did post up Rudy Gay quite a bit in Sacramento and I believe he will use that same tactic and idea for Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, bigger players for their position. What I really enjoyed about his playbook is how he always looked to get his ballhandler in pick & rolls to attack toward their strong hand. When he had Isaiah Thomas he would start sets to the right and have him come back to the left (his strong hand) and with Darren Collison he would have him come back to his right hand to attack. I really enjoyed going through all of his sets, in the playlist below and on my YouTube page you will find videos of his Half Court Sets, SLOB, BLOB, End of Game, Horns & Early Offense.