Cleveland Cavaliers Four Series Breakdown

The Cleveland Cavalier’s 2015-16 NBA season has showcased a revamped offense and it starts with the four series. The four series is a set and motion with multiple options that allows for reads and counters built in for each member of the Cavs to take advantage of. Last year this was designed just for Kevin Love to get a post up out of, but this year has expanded into one the Cavs most lethal sets. The series is based around the point guard passing to a big at the top of the key and then receiving a dribble hand off after. This triggers the motion, and depending on if the Love post up set is called allows for different reads in each action and creates free flowing offensive movement.

Option 1: Kevin Love Post Up

The first set in the series is a designed post up for Kevin Love. After the point guard passes to the Big at the top of the key and into the dribble hand off, the ballside wing cuts over the top to the opposite wing. The other wing cuts inside and sets a cross screen for Kevin Love.

Option 2: Guard Score Off Hand Off

This is the set that is designed with the reads and options available that the Cavs are running heavily this year. The first look is for a guard like Mo Williams or Kyrie Irving to look to score quickly off the hand off, as you see in this picture of how far off Mo’s defender is playing:

Option 3: Guards Curling off of Downscreens

After the hand off back to the guard, the Big man at the top of the key looks for the opposite corner guard to set a pindown screen on. The other big at the 4 is going to screen down the guard in the corner on his side, the point guard looks for either of these guards curling to the rim to try and get a quick score:

Option 3: Hook Action

This is the Hook action part of the set in which the big who screens down for the guard in the corner, and the guard does not receive the ball. The big then turns open to the point guard and receives a pass and he throws it back into a quick hand off back to the guard who looks to attack the rim. The biggest advantage of this action is majority of the time the player with this action is Kevin Love, who pops open to the 3 point line.

Option 4: Hook Action, Fake Hand Off High Pick & Roll

The last option is for the Big to fake the hand off and pass it to the opposite guard and follow into a high ballscreen. When the big is Kevin Love, he follows into a ballscreen and pick and pop to the 3 point line. Having Love being a central cog in this set is great utilization of his ballhandling and creativity as a 4 man, this makes this set very dangerous.

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-Coach Pyper

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