The Cleveland Cavaliers made a coaching change half way through the year to Tyronne Lue, and with that spurred some ideas and offensive scheme changes. One of the things that did not change is the Cavs main baseline out of bounds series which the coaching staff called “Floppy.” Floppy is a formation typically run as a half court set, and in this case the Cavs turn the formation toward the baseline and run it as a baseline out of bounds set. This has resulted in a great baseline out of bounds set with multiple scoring chances that fit the Cavs players and allow them to score easy baskets. We are going to look at all 4 options and why they work with one another.

Option #1 – Dive to the rim.

The first look is for one of the guards to dive to the rim and look to get a shot. The key to any great baseline out of bounds set is to have at least one opportunity to score at the rim, and this gives the Cavs that. The guards can play off each other and either has the option to dive toward the rim, making the cut unpredictable as well a good scoring chance.

Option #2 – Guard cut to the wing.

After the initial guard dives to the rim, the other guard turns and cuts off the big at the elbow to the wing. This allows for good shooters like JR Smith and Mo Williams the opportunity to score easy baskets since most of the defense is focused on the guard diving to the rim.

Option #3 – Double screen for guard.

Both guards have the option to use this screen, and if the coach calls it or if they see the defense is loaded up near the rim, you will see the double screen utilized. One guard cuts off the double screen to the wing, and the other guard exits to the weakside wing looking for a shot as well. This is the true floppy action and can be unpredictable for the defense, and cause miscommunication.

Option #4 – Big screening down for other big.

This is the last option, and is designed perfectly for Kevin Love or LeBron playing the 4. If none of the previous options are available then the big near the ball will set a down screen for the other big to look to get a shot at the top of the key. This option can also be used if the guard who cuts to the wing is covered, and the big can curl or cut to the ball for a shot off a screen.

Those are the options off of the Cavs main baseline out of bounds set, and they make the Cavs baseline out of bounds attack hard to guard. With cuts to the rim, options to read the defense and react, as well as options for every player 1-5 it is a very good baseline out of bounds series. Feel free to follow me on twitter @HalfCourtHoops and subscribe to me on YouTube if you want more NBA/NCAA X’s & O’s!

-Titus 2:7