2016 Olympics Basketball Playbook

2016 Olympics Playbook
The 2016 Rio Olympics basketball tournament was a great tournament to watch, with many teams running great offensive and defensive schemes. Australia mens basketball really stood out of this Olympics as one of the best offensive teams by far in the tournament with great sets and an offense built on reads and playing great basketball. Serbia, Argentina and Spain all ran great stuff as well as Lithuania who all really impressed. The 2016 Rio Olympics Playbook is one of the most comprehensive playbooks you will find, with at least 10 sets from each team and over 400 sets total. With over 270 pages, you will find great ballscreen, backscreen and post up sets as well as baseline and sideline out of bounds sets to add to your playbook and improve your scoring chances.

Australia Ballscreen Motion
Australia ran a great ballscreen motion with multiple options and counters out of it that really kept the defense guessing and allowed the passing ability of Andrew Bogut and the shooting to flourish. Instead of the typical european ballscreen motion with both bigs starting high, Australia ran it with a big in the post first or a look out of normal transition offense and was able to get some initial high low opportunities as well. The point guard would come down the side of the floor and reverse the ball to the big at the top of the key, who then dribbled to the opposite wing. As the big dribbles the guard on the wing has 2 options: 1) cut through backdoor for a layup or continue to the opposite side and 2) screen down for the guard in the corner who comes off a dribble hand off from the big. The big in the post opposite then flashes to the high post and can receive the pass from the guard and reverses it again, then continuous motion from there. Here is a video of Australia’s ballscreen motion and counters:


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Mike Budenholzer Atlanta Hawks Playbook

Mike Budenholzer Atlanta Hawks Playbook

The Atlanta Hawks have had one of the best offensive teams in the NBA over the last 3 seasons under head coach Mike Budenholzer. Starting off under the great Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs, Budenholzer took the Spurs great motion offense and designed it for his Atlanta Hawks teams. The hawks motion offense has multiple reads built into each segment and action out of it, so if teams take something away they have a counter for it. The continuous motion puts a lot of pressure on defensive teams and will force anyone to prepare to guard multiple actions every night.

Atlanta Hawks Motion Offense:

On top of the Hawks great motion offense, Mike Budenholzer is in my option the best After Time Out coach in the NBA. His After Time Out sets are unbelievable and extremely effective with 5-10 counters for each basic actions they have, especially with actions out of their motion offense. An example of this is the special that the Hawks ran in the 2015-16 NBA season, running this set typically at the beginning of the game. Starting off with both guards even near half court, the bigs at the elbow switch and the point guard passes to the 4 man at the elbow and then cuts off him to the opposite post. After the point guard clears the 5 man at the other elbow sets a backscreen for the opposite guard (Kyle Korver) to cut into the paint, then the 5 man opens up and receives the pass. With 5 at the elbow with the ball he enters the ball into the post for the point guard, that triggers Kyle Korver to set a backscreen for the guard in the corner for a layup.

Atlanta Hawks After Time Out Special:

This Atlanta Hawks playbook will be the most comprehensive NBA Playbook that I have ever created with over 172 pages and 230 sets from the last 3 years. It also includes a full breakdown of his motion offense and over 123 diagrams of Budenholzers After Time Out Specials. Here is a complete breakdown of the playbook:

Early Offense: 9 Plays

Motion Offense: 39 Plays & Concepts

Half Court Sets: 23 Plays

After Time Out Specials: 123 Plays

Sideline out of Bounds: 15 Plays

Baseline out of Bounds: 9 Plays

End of Game Sets: 19 Plays


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Billy Donovan Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Playbook

Billy Donovan led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the 2016 Western Conference Finals and had his team on the verge of one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. In this playbook you will find over 95 plays and diagrams that Billy Donovan used over the course of the 2015-16 NBA Season, his first in the league. The Thunder ran some creative sets that allowed Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook easy scoring chances.

NOTE: This is the same playbook available at mensbasketballhoopscoop, I would not want you to purchase the same one twice!!


Half Court Sets -58 Plays

Horns Sets – 8 Plays

Baseline out of Bounds – 6 Plays

Sideline out of Bounds – 11 Plays

After Time Out Specials – 10 Plays

End of Game – 6 Plays


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Tyronn Lue Cleveland Cavaliers NBA 2015-16 Basketball Playbook

Tyronn Lue guided the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first ever NBA Finals win and a historic season. Coming down from 3-1 to the NBA’s all time regular season wins leader, the Golden State Warriors, this is the playbook the team used all year. In this playbook you will find over 100 sets that the Cavs used after Lue took over half way through the year.

NOTE: This is the same playbook available at mensbasketballhoopscoop, I would not want you to purchase the same one twice!!


Early Offense – 7 Plays

Half Court Sets – 54 Plays

Elbow Series – 7 Plays

Horns Sets – 10 Plays

Sideline out of Bounds – 9 Plays

Baseline out of Bounds – 8 Plays

After Time Out Specials – 14 Plays

End of Game – 4 Plays


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Tom Izzo Michigan State Playbook

Tom Izzo is one of the best coaches in the NCAA, and this playbook includes all of his half court sets and quick hitters from the last few season. Izzo has counters and built in specials to each one of his sets and each set is designed to always put pressure on the defense. This also includes some of the clinic notes I have compiled over the last few years, which help shed some light on Izzo’s philisophy.

What you get:

-88 plays including Half Court Sets, Baseline out of Bounds, Early Offense and Specials.

-6 pages of Clinic Notes

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Kevin Stallings Vanderbilt Commodores Playbook

What you get:

Over 30 pages of quick hitters, half court sets, motion offense, and baseline out of bounds sets. If you choose to purchase this playbook you will also have the option to receive an updated PDF of any sets that are used throughout this 2015-16 by Vanderbilt. Kevin Stallings was voted by his peers as one of the best Offensive coaches in the nation and I agree. His 4-out motion offense and quick hitters are lethal and will have action that is designed for counters and options to always keep the defense guessing.

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2015 FIBA Basketball Playbook

What you get:
The 2015 FIBA Americans and Eurobasket Playbook includes over 450 plays from the Summer/Fall of 2015 FIBA Tournaments. You will get Half Court Sets, Baseline and Sideline out of bounds sets as well as After Time Outs and End of Half specials. Majority of FIBA teams employ a stretch 4 and great spacing, and it is reflected in this playbook. Also included is a copy of the 2014 FIBA World Cup Playbook with over 100 Plays from the best nations in the world.

2015 FIBA Americas Playbook (195 Plays)
2015 FIBA Eurobasket Playbook (188 Plays)
2014 FIBA World Cup Playbook (91 Plays)

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2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Playbook

John Calipari 2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats Full Playbook. With over 45 Sets breaking down Kentucky’s Early Offense, Half Court Sets, Inbounds Series and Horns Series.


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